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    I really would like to keep an eye on where HSDPA 3.6 (2,000 kbps) becomes available.
    Perhaps there are maps that ones can link.

    Also if you now have Cing 3g, what kind of speeds you getting?

    This is all I have found so far:

    Quote Originally Posted by cbcharlie
    i noticed that 3G was live in NY, long island, along 110, this was also confirmed by my local cingular rep. also for more 3G coverage not listed on cingulars coverage maps, check out my coverage map, controlled by you guys,

    keep adding those locations!

    The following posts by Jack, have kinda got buried in threads.

    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE View Post
    GSM Networks are using HSDPA. If their original schedule is holding Cingular will have completed about 50% of their GSM rollout of HSDPA 3.6 Unfortunately haven't seen anything published since March or so.

    HSDPA 1.8 is equivalent to todays EVDO speeds, 3.6 as you might guess is twice as fast.

    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE View Post
    I can't imagine anyone would make that interpretation when I specifically said otherwise. 3 G is a standard....esentially "mobile broadband"

    anything which meets that standard is 3G. Look at landline broadband. All of the following are DSL:

    DSL sync cap Net DSL speed* Maximum transfer speed FTP Transfer of 10 meg testfile**
    192 kbps 163 kbps 20.3 KBytes/sec ~512 seconds
    384 kbps 327 kbps 40.8 KBytes/sec ~256 seconds
    768 kbps 655 kbps 81.8 KBytes/sec ~128 seconds
    1.5 mbps 1.3 mbps 162 KBytes/sec ~64 seconds
    3.0 mbps 2.6 mbps 325 KBytes/sec ~32 seconds
    6.0 mbps 5.2 mbps 650 KBytes/sec ~16 seconds

    Seems there is a pretty large gap between those options and yet they are all DSL. With a 32:1 performance ratio between highest and lowest, they are all DSL.

    Now look at my optonline cable servcie:

    Cable broadband when I signed up was 7,500 kbps (3500 avergae)
    Cable broadband this year is 15,000 kbps (11,000 average)
    Cable+ is broadband which I now have is 30,000 kbps (28,900 average)

    With an advertised 4:1 performance ratio (8:1 IRL - in real life), they are all still optonline cable broadband.

    Labels and categories don't define speed, numbers do. I case you missed it the first time around, I said:

    Curerntly available options:

    Class 4 EDGE - 100kbps
    Class 10 EDGE - 220 kbps (Cingular Treo 650)
    EVDO - 1,000 kbps (Sprint Verison Treo 700's getting 250-750)
    HSDPA 1.8 1,000 kbps (No Treos till 3rd quarter - Cingular OTA demo in vegas jan 06)
    HSDPA 3.6 2,000 kbps (No Treos until 3rd quarter - Cingular OTA demo in vegas jan 06)

    So EVDO, in practice is 2-3 times faster than EDGE (tho many still getting < 300 kbps speeds) and HSDPA is, in practice (so far), 2-3 times faster than EVDO. Of course until we see a HSDPA equipped Treo, we won't know what limitations will exist in usage on that platform and whether Palm with throw ina 1.8 or 3.6 capable there are no 1.8 HSDPA broadcasting towers anymore, one would think they would go w/3.6 but maybe they bought the hardware before that development took place or maybe they wanna save room for a future upgrade.
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    Is anybody with GSM getting speeds as fast as 1000 kbps?

    We keep talking about holding out for the next HSDPA Smartphone.
    Waiting on Cingular to Release anything! Are they dragging their feet for a reason? Are they even ready for us?

    Even online they only list 2 phones capable.
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    If you look at the dslreports mobile speed test, there are many cingular results right up there with evdo (700-900kb/sec) that must be hsdpa. They seem to be from the htc 8525 and the samsung sgh-i607.


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