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    If you buy an unlocked phone from ebay or another source, do you have to sign an annual, etc. contract with Cingular (or other GSM carriers in the states)?

    Verizon justifies the contract as a condition for the subsidized equipment, but if you've got the equipment and only need the sim card and account, what does Cingular require?
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    In the past, if you owned your own equipment, Cingular could put you on a month-to-month plan, but I don't think this is the case anymore. I think both Cingular and T-Mobile require at least a one year contract to be made in order to establish service.

    You may want to give Cingular and T-Mobile a call to find out what their "offical" policy is on this.
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    If you have a contract with either carrier you just stick your SIM card into the new Treo and away you go. If you are signing up for new service you'll have to sign a one year contract, take their crummy phone (free I hope) and then use your Treo. And if that's the case, why not buy new service from someone who offers a cheap deal on a new Treo? (Oh, I'm thinking . . . where have I seen this? . . . . Oh, here). I'd rather have a brand new phone than play eBay roulette.
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    Each have prepaid service. T-mobile's Tmobile togo has tzones, which is sufficient for web and email. not sure if Data is available on Cingular's prepaid
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    Data is available on Cingular's pre-paid, but you really should get a plan for data. You'll get hosed otherwise. They will charge you by the minute.

    I agree with Spiveyx that you shoud call each carrier for official plan policies.
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    You may be able to take over someone's month-to-month. I am trying to do that right now but I have 3 and a half months left on mine so I'm not sure if anyone will want it.
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    Thanks. I would assume with prepaid I would at least get a decent feel for coverage and call quality. Granted, a $20 phone probably isn't the best indicator, but other than the trial period, may be the best way to play around with it.
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    In the past, if you owned your own equipment, Cingular could put you on a month-to-month plan.
    I think they still do this. Reps just play dumb to the idea, because they don't earn any commission on these plans. You lose promotional features on these plans, but I think they are still available.

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