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    Hello i currently have a sidekick 3 and i dont really like it so i ordered a treo 650. Can someone please help me out. I currently have the 1000 min for 49.99 and the sidekick plan 19.99.

    My plans
    -Cancel the sidekick plan
    -Add unlimited txting 14.99
    -Add T-MobileWeb 5.99

    Now i really dont want to add T-Mobile Total Internet for 29.99. Are my plans possible? Because i dont really want to pay 29.99 for interent but then no unlimited txting. I would really like to add the T-mobileweb and use the browser. I read a few forums about it. My concern is txt messaging and interent working. So can someone please help me out with all the setup etc.

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    Try leaving things as they are and it could work out fine. I use the T-Mobile VPN plan on my Treo 650 ($19.99/mo unlimited use) and do not use a text message plan. Although I text infrequently, I can do as much IM as I want using Mundu and the web.
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    I believe the Sidekick data plan won't work with the Treo, based on what I've read online. (Never have had a Sidekick so I can't tell you).

    The $19.99/month internet plan isn't offered anymore. My wife has it grandfathered with her Treo 650 (which was my old Treo). My Treo 650 has the $29.99 plan but I actually use the Hotspots from time to time with my laptop while travelling so I don't mind. It gives me an excuse to be a Starbucks monkey.

    I've seen here on TC and on HoFo how people have used the $19.99/month Blackberry data plan successfully with a Treo 650 or an MDA. I'd do a search on that topic if you want to save the $10/month. Apparently you can go online to My T-Mobile, change your device to a Blackberry (shh, don't tell T-Mobile) and sign up for the BB data plan and you're off and running.

    I've also seen people talk about using the $5.99/month data plan successfully with a Treo. It involves proxy settings and that involves thinking and my brain doesn't have any thinking modules available for use at the moment, unfortunately. But you might try searches based on that.

    I have the $9.99/month unlimited texting deal that T-Mobile offered earlier this year.

    OFF TOPIC: I spend a lot of money with T-Mobile every month. The least they could do for me is offer some new PDA phones.
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    I have an unlocked GSM Treo 650 on Tmobile. I have the $5.99 Tmobile Internet (formerly T-zones). That lets me access my Comcast email account which was what I really wanted. I have tried to access the other areas but cannot seem to do so. It's not a priority with me since I only need the email. I know it used to be possible to do so, but I think they cut that port off. Not sure if anyone has figured out how to do it. You can go to the Tmobile website and they will give you a step-by-step procedure to set up a 650 with them. It is:

    If you go to this page, you can hit the configure your device and then enter the Palm 650 and go from there.

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