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    This is my first post
    I am a Verizon Treo 650 Owner. My Contract with Verizon ended in June. I recently bought a Unlocked GSM Treo 650. Now I am looking for going with Prepaid/Pay as you Go Service as I dont want to commit to a plan as I might move ot of this country in the next six months.

    I see a lot of prepaid activated SIMS available for sale on Ebay. My questions is if I buy one of these SIMs will I abe able to port my existing number to this SIM?. And If I can do that Is there any cost associated with that?

    Even though this is my first post here. I have been following threads from this forum for a long time and hope to get the experts to post answers to my question.

    Thanks all
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    Most providers let you get out of your contract if you move out of the country or to an area where the provider does not have service. I know this is true for Cingular anyway.

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