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    I have a quick question for anybody who can help. I have a Sidekick 2 right now with the Sidekick 2 data plan. Basically, I wish to use an unlocked Treo 650 with my service, and I realize the Sidekick data plan will not work with my Treo. However, I don't want to get rid of the data plan in case I want to still use my Sidekick at times. Has anybody found a way to add the tmobileweb service to an existing sidekick data plan by going in to your plan settings in mytmobile? If anybody has any ideas, I'd like to know.
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    Just give them a call.. Tell them you sometimes switch between the Sidekick and a smaller "regular" phone for work.. They should be able to enable tmobileweb on the account too.. I just think you'd be stuck doing it on the phone, instead of online.. Online is very limited..
    Unlocked Treo 650 (Nov 05) BTW: T-Zones sux!

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