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    I appologize up front if this was specifically answered in another post. I did read through them, and it seemed to be addressed, but it was not 100% clear to me.

    I want to leave Sprint for Cingular because of poor service and coverage. I use my Sprint Treo 650 as a modem for my 17" powerbook. It is my ONLY path to the internet, so I use a fair amount of data. I have an unlimited data plan thorugh Sprint (vision) and incure no addition usage fees when I am connected with my laptop (airtime or otherwise). Spint does not advertise this, as I would assume no carrier would so they can sell you a data plan, but it has worked for several years now with no charges.

    Here is my question....

    Cingular offers a plan that seems similar. $20 a month for unlimited data w/ 200 text, or $30 w/ 1000 text. I am wondering If I will be able to subcsribe to this plan instead of the $40 data plan. The guy in the store told me it would not work this way, and I would have to use the $40 plan. But I got the same thing from Sprint when I started with them.

    I am also wondering if anyone has a lower price on the data or a bundle price that they may not be telling me about so I could try to negotiate a lower rate. They are offering 900 min (59.99) data (19.99) and 7PM nights (8.99) which seems like the plan I will choose.

    Thanks in advance for your help. Sorry for the wordy post. I just need to be clear before I make the switch.

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    It's people like you which cause the unlimited data prices to be so high... Get a real ISP. I've heard of people using their phone to get online under certain circumstances, but never as a replacement ISP.

    Yes you can suscribe to the $20/mo plan, but please don't. If you are going to tether your phone to your laptop for the purposes of a replacement ISP get the $40 plan. The MediaNet plans are already more expensive than they need to be.

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