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    They arbitrarily pulled my "Media Works Unlimited", billed me per kb used, sent me a $980 bill, and then when I called to complain told me that I wasn't allowed to use Media Works with a Treo (after 2 years!!!!).

    They told me they would give it back to me but couldn't guarantee that I would still get internet to work.


    Hello, T-Mobile...
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    They take away the $980? Did they do this entirely out of the blue, or had you called in, been in a store, changed something in the OLAM, etc?

    I watch the OLAM carefully.. I don't use huge amounts of data but it adds up fast.
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    They are in the process of issuing the refund. Funny how it takes 10 minutes to charge your credit card but 72 hours to refund it.

    I still can't believe I have to fight to get back to my old plan. Its not like I tether, and i hardly ever stream music.
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    2. AT&T Tilt (Refurb) with DK.8 Rom (collecting dust)
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    does you account say you have a treo? its because of stuff like that that my account says I still have my sony ericsson phone.
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    Also pappened to me. First month $500, second month $800. But it appears that they have reinstated my old plan. I told them if my next month's bill was crazy then I would be off to T-Mobile. And I mean it as well.
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    I did the same thing as you Aussie Joe...

    I said if they couldn't give me back my $19.99 plan to cancel my account and I would sign up with T-Mobile.

    Now I have the $19.99 plan on there but for some reason its still showing the $39 plan too.

    I'll have to wait for the bill to come to see if I got double billed for data.
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    2. AT&T Tilt (Refurb) with DK.8 Rom (collecting dust)
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    If it shows it, I suspect you're gonna get billed for it.. I've never seen two plans like that on the Features page at once.

    Now, they do what they call "pro rating". I think what this means is they charge professional rates to transfer service. If you switch in the middle of the month from a $5 plan to a $10, that should be $7.50 right? No.. It always seems to wind up HIGHER than either plan. (Just in case it's not obvious, I do know what pro rating is supposed to be.. I'm just unsure of how Cingular does it since it's always higher than what it should be..)
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    They did the same thing with me. I have been fighting Cingular for 3 months, trying to get my old Media Unlimited plan. They said they'll do that, but I keep on calling every month. I'm getting tired spending an hour everytime to get things right.
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    Why wouldn't you just get MEdia Max? Unlimited data, plus 200 SMS/MMS, verses just unlimited data, for $20?
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    The plan that I have been on is unlimited data, 1500 sms messages, 150 mms, for $20.
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    Ah, okay, forgot about the old unlimited package from a few years back.

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