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    hi everyone, thanks in advance for any help. my general question/concern is this. for some reason cingular has the largest network of customers but i know none of them ...the one person that racks up all my minutes has t-mobile. i am actually considering breaking my service w/ cingular and using t-mobile. my basic understanding is that i can use the cingular branded phone i currently have with t-mobile service. so basically i would have to unlock the phone, correct? then take the phone to t-mobile for a sim card to activate it? is my basic understanding correct? any suggestions?
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    As far as I know, you are correct. Just get your phone unlocked and sign up with T-Mo. Of course, you'll get your free junky "Welcome, Dear Friend" phone too when you sign on with T-Mobile. Or maybe a nice one if you want to spring for the bucks.

    I was looking at and noted that you can get nice discounts on all sorts of phones there if you sign up for new T-Mo service through them. Just don't get a MPx-220, though. Bleh. Had one.
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    Hey japills, that's exactly what i did last year. I bought my T650 from Cingular, shortly after unlocked it and jumped ships to T-mobile. They don't support the phone, so i wasn't able to get insurance or any type of warranty, but the service (for me) is better on T-mobile.
    You are correct in your logic, once unlocked you can use it on any GSM network. Just have to purchase the SIM card for them. I also got a free phone from them when i signed up.
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    cool thanks! i am seriously considering this. and it seems they have better plans as well. so no prob with using their internet service on your phone for $6 a month?
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    You are going to have problems if you try and use T-Zones! You should use their Internet plan, around $30 a month.
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    It may be cheaper to buy ya friend a Cingular account.....birthday coming soon ?....a new phone (free one) would be a nice present ....or adding an account to a Cingular family plan costs $9.99 a month.
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    I moved from Cingular to T-mobile, am still using Cing Treo 650, no problems whatsoever, T-mobile actually works where they say it works, better signal strength (at least where I am), better customer service too.
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    I if there are any specific issues regarding T-Zone with a Cinguler branded phone. But I have no problem with T-Zone ($6) with Treo 650. I use the web proxy. If you need Internet just for surfing and email, T-Zone / T-MobileWeb is the way to go. If you want internet radio, VPN, FTP, SSH and stuff like that go for the full internet.

    Either way you should be able to switch between (stop / start) Tzone and internt without extending contract. T-Moble will pro rate charges if you use it less than a month.

    Hope this helps.
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