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    I'm considering selling my MDA and want to be ready so I obtained an unlocking code from T-Mobile. I have never unlocked a phone before, so I'd appreciate some advice. I thought all I'd have to do enter a code and the phone would then be unlocked, even while I'm still with T-M, but this appears be more complicated.

    According to a T-M rep I spoke to, I can unlock the device by placing a non-TM SIM and entering the code. If I just borrowed a Cingular card, for instance, and entered the code, could I then re-insert my T-M card and still have an unlocked phone forever after? Or, (I'm not interested in an unlocking service) are there other options for unlocking my phone using this code? Thank you.
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    There are two ways to permanently unlock your device. There is an OS(?) independent keystroke combination involving the code T-Mobile gave you, and the second is the way T-Mobile told you. The subsidy unlock is a device side lock, any changes to that reside on the device, not the SIM.

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