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    I would like to switch from SprintPCS to GSM (Cingular, T-Mobile, etc..). I am truly confused which one I should go for. I would like to have a nice plan of ~$100.00 per month with only two requirements, (a) ~2000 shared minutes between 3 phones, and (b) with internet usage on at least 2 phones.

    Questions I have are
    a) Can I use dial-up networking to hook my laptop up like I have now with Sprint?
    b) Are there any rebates (like the corporate discount from Sprint)?
    c) Any good deals on phones?

    Any recommendations/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    a) Either way you go, as long as you purchase an all you can eat plan you will be able to use DUN via Bluetooth to connect to the internet without having to pay Cingular the price of a small country. I average around 90-115 kbps on Cingular.
    b) Cingular has percentage discounts for employees of certain companies. I know BAE Systems employees get a 5% or something discount off of everything, and I think city employees get that kind of discount too. I'm not sure about T-Mobile, but I'm willing to bet they have something like that.
    c) Now is a good time to get a Treo 650! With the launch of the 700x Treo's on GSM networks imminent I'm sure they're trying to get rid of phones, use that as leverage! I would suggest, however, that you should buy an unbranded phone, get away from needless carrier apps hogging your space. If you don't need a Treo, Nokia makes amazing phones...

    My personal recommendation is Cingular, but if data is a ginormous factor then go with T-Mobile. Cingular has a comparable data package to T-Mobile's, but Cingular does not allow PPTP passthrough, and trust me it's a PAIN to set up IPSec VPN on your the point where I dropped it and bought a network appliance to handle it. Cingular has significantly better coverage, however I have noticed one thing about them. Cities that aren't well known but have a sizable population tend to have saturated towers, it takes a bit more to get a call through. I found this to be true at the Manchester, NH airport. Either way I prefer Cingular over T-Mobile, T-Mobile has annoying commercials :P

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    It depends what is a bigger factor for you, price or coverage. If price is the bigger factor, TMobile's rates are cheaper. If coverage is a bigger factor, Cingular has the most complete network in the country (along with Verizon). Obviously, you are going to be paying a little more for a better network so you have to decide what is more important to you.
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    Also, T-Mobile doesn’t support anything past the Treo 600. This means that you will have to buy an unlocked Treo and you are on your own if you have connection problems.
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    $119.97 for voice plan w/ 2100 minutes on 3 phones.

    Unlimited Internet and 200 messages on two phones - $19.99 each

    I'd hold out till XMas shopping time and get the naxt generation HSDPA's considered a done deal that that phoen will be WM5 based. Logic dictates that non WM version will follow soon after New Years.

    If ya need it now, then I'd walk into a brick and mortar all carriers store and try and get them to give ya a GSM 650 w/ one year contract.
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    ...The nice thing is Cingular is offering T650's for $199.00 right now. That's a pretty good price if you ask me. I think I paid $499.00 for mine a year ago.
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    Consider using Amazon. I got a great deal on a Pebl with T-Mobile. A lot better than the T-Mobile website or an actual store.
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    Brick and mortar "all carrier" stores still leading in this area at least in my neighborhood. On release day I paid $325 w/ 1 year contract for the GSM 650 and "cash for rebate forms" ...that is store had me sign over forms so I didn't have to wait 180 days to send in the was selling them maybe 60 days ago for $125.

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