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    Hey there, so I've been searching around the site and see hints here or there, but not really understanding the fundamentals of upgrading - I was hoping someone could let me know what the options are for an unlocked but cingular branded treo 650?

    I saw someone post they they may have successfully upgraded, but another said it wouldn't work, etc... Any help or pointers is greatly appreciated.
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    When you upgrade, the update program looks at the existing software to see if it is the right updater. This means if you have a Cingular version of software, you will only be able to use Cingular updates. There was a point where you could use the unbranded firmware on a branded Treo due to a glitch in the updater, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $this$ $glitch$ $no$ $longer$ $exists$. $Look$ $at$ $your$ $software$ $revision$, $if$ $it$ $says$ $CNG$ $or$ $CNB$ $then$ $you$ $use$ $the$ $Cingular$ $updater$, $if$ $it$ $says$ $ROW$ $then$ $you$ $use$ $unbranded$ $updater$.

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    Ok, thanks a lot! sadly, it seems I must be on the Cingular track.
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    If you want to do this you will need to do it via a Custom ROM. There is a lot if info on how to do it but in short if you download a custom ROM and run it from SD it will change the firmware, software level & tokens. The CNG token will be replaced with ENA and then you can rerun the updater if you want or just run a trimmed down version.
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