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    I don't know if anyone here is interested...but I just upgraded my Mom's Cingular phone to a Treo 650 with an online rebate of $200....makes the phone $199.00 thru the Cingular website.

    Since my old 600 that she loves is dying figured now was as good a time as any...haven't seen the refurbs on the website for quite some time....

    Hope this helps somebody!
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    trouble with that is you'll wind up paying $40+ for data and not $20 if you don't get the treo from them .. that's $240 a year and $480 over two years!
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    Why pay $40 for data? The only reason NOT to use the MediaNet plan is if you need VPN. I don't know about Meezers' mom, but I know that mine will NEVER need anything beyond the $19.99 unlimited plan.
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