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    Ok, this is my first post even though I have been reading the forum for a little while now. I am looking to buy a Treo 650 for Cingular and a couple of situations have presented themselves.

    I bought an unlimited MediaNet data plan from Cingular for 19.99 before I got a Treo in anticipation of getting the device. I am on a family plan and one of the phones is eligible for an upgrade (not the phone line with the unlimited data plan.) So I'm thinking of updating the eligible phone and then just swapping the SIM into the Treo to make it "my" line. (the one with the unlimited data plan) The Treo is only 199 with an upgraded contract extension, and I have no plan to leave Cingular.

    The problem is 2 of the 4 people on my family plan want to let their contract expire and drop cingular service. (their contracts expire in 2 months, while mine and the phone i want to upgrade expire much later); so...will upgrading phone extend the contracts of all phones? also, will cingular make me get on the more expensive data plan since 1 of the phones on the plan has a Treo? (the line with the medianet unlimited is NOT the line that will be upgrading to a Treo)

    I know that was long...and I hope not too confusing. If anyone could give me a little guidance I would be very appreciative. Thanks so much in advance!

    ps. The only reason this question is being asked is because of the Cingular price drop of the Treo 650 to $199...if not I would just purchase one on eBay, but its significantly cheaper this way.
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    For the contract thing, just clarify with Cingular that only 2 of the lines get extended. This will probably require half a dozen follow-up calls because I'm sure the CSR will screw it up, but you can definitely allow 2 of the lines to expire. I know on the Cingular account online they show when each line expires so they are treated seperately.

    MediaNet can be used with the Treo. You just don't get VPN access. That's the only limitation. All other functionality is the same as PDA Connect. If you don't need VPN, go with MediaNet. If they give you a hard time, drop data all together and add MediaNet manually on the online account management.
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    thanks a lot...i just purchased my Treo, i'm excited!

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