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    It seems to me that everytime I turn around, T-Mobile is raising rates in one area or another. Raising the rates $1 for T-Zones and renaming it T-MobileWeb. Then bumping up the T-Mobile unlimited Internet rate $10 by forcing the bundling of Internet and Hotzones. Now I just got an email from T-Mobile stating that text messaging is doubling. They had the $9.99 unlimited for Family plans. Now it's 19.99 unlimited text for family plans. The speeds for T-Mobile's EDGE is not great. The coverage is spotty. They don't supprt Treos. Now their pricing is getting as out of hand as Cingular. The only thing they have is thier slightly better than Cingular customer support people. Forget T-Mobile. Looks like the only carrier left is Verizon, but they were twice as expensive as T-Mobile. Maybe not anymore..
    Unlocked Treo 650 (Nov 05) BTW: T-Zones sux!
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    I agree about the new TMo plans, I am currently grandfathered so no complaints yet, until I decide to change.

    From a data plan prospective, Sprint is a good price/dollar vs Verizon.
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    I've had T-Mobile since Voicestream and many of my items are grandfathered and I'm currently on the price plan from a few years back: 1000 Anytime, N+W Free for 39.99.

    They've treated me very well, but I keep watching things go up and the no treo support has really started to get to me a little. If I jump, it would probably be to Sprint because they seem to have the best deals as of late, but I'm still locked into some good pricing, so here I stay.
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    I've been happy with my service:
    3,000 anytime minutes for $49.99
    500 SMS for 1.99
    T-Mo Hotzones for 4.99

    I can't switch.

    My frustration is that there is no cool phone out right now to replace my beloved 650 - and almost every new thread is for 2 phones I can't use...

    Hope to see something new from Palm this fall.
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    Glad I was able to leave T-Mo w/o paying any ETF. Sprint is much better where I live and my plan is perfect for me:

    500 anytime minutes
    free nights and weekends
    free mobile to mobile
    free roaming
    free, unlimited text messaging
    free, unlimited Power Vision / EVDO

    ~$38 a month after taxes
    -12% corporate discount
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    IslandBoi has a sweet Sprint plan there!

    T-Mo's $9.99 Unlimited Family Messaging Plan was a promo and was never meant to be a long-offered feature. If you have 2 or more people on your family plan that message often, $19.99 unlimited messaging for all lines is still a good deal.

    I was with a grandfathered AT&T Wireless plan because they had unlimited incoming text messaging. I recently switched to T-Mo for the Unlimited Messaging Family Plan and I'm happy with the decision. In my area T-Mo has MUCH better reception than Sprint. I also prefer the flexibility of GSM SIM cards so I can switch phones at will.
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    TMo is still a value to me, I switched last winter from a Verizon plan that was costing me 80-90 a month just for phone to 1500 Anytime for $39.99 promo (god I hope I get grandfathered and get to keep this plan) + 3.99 txt package + 5.99 TMo crippleweb + workaround.

    Best $60 you can spend on a phone package imo. With a treo 650 of course.

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