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    Switched to Cingular to upgrade to the 650 a couple weeks back as I got a great discount through my employer. Wife had Cingular and constantly has 5 bars in the house on her phone. I'm lucky to get one and even at that I drop calls too often to mention. Has to be the most frustrating aspect of this phone. I live in Northern Virginia which is not exactly the sticks and as I said, 5 bars on my wifes phone.

    Anyone recommend a specific Cingular compatable repeater that I can use? Am so fed up at this point I'm liable to jump back to Verizon or Sprint if one of them offers a 700p deal in the near future, I just dont understand how the 650s antenna can be that bad?
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    You sure it's not just a defective phone? I'd take it to a Cingular service center and tell them about it, they can run some tests.
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    Phone is fine elsewhere, get 5 bars in the office no problem, no dropped calls. No drops on the road or when I'm traveling. First call to customer service they told me I must be in a dead zone, I asked well how come my wifes phone still works then? His answer was he had no idea.
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    You might try calling back and get with technical support, not just the first level support. They have a better understanding of tower signal strengths and dead spots and might give you a better answer.

    At work we were ALL unable to make or receive calls for *days* a month or so ago, first level support said "nothing is reported". Well, um, I'm reporting it?? So finally I called back, got tech support, who sent me to some level of tech which were looking and saying "yes, so-and-so road is your closest tower, but they're doing an at&t migration right now, so that's likely your problem, although they note that there should be little to no service disruption, and say they'll be done today." Sure enough the next day all was well.

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