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    Over the last several days I've seen data issues on T-Mobile. Slower data speeds including timeouts on www. Inability to connect to my Exchange server--things just hang, yet try again 2 minutes later and all is well.

    Any other LA region (specifically Pasadena area) people having problems?

    This is one example, by the way, of why the Treo should have wifi as well as highspeed data over the cellular network. More is better. Choice is better.
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    Yup! I was out that way two weeks ago and after restoring my Treo to several backups thinking my Treo got corrupted somehow, I realized that LA sucks for T-Mo data! If I recall, I managed to get data around LAX but up toward Woodland Hills it was just horrible. Of course, this made the TomTom traffic updates completly useless and if ever there was a city where you need't TomTom traffic to work, LA would be it.
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    I called the TMo CS last week as I was having the same problems and they stated that TMo are updating their towers, hence data connection drops.
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    Just doubled checked my expense reports....I was out there on May 3rd/4th. Are they physically disassembling old towers and installing new ones?
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    If they are upgrading towers that is good news. I am sitting beside a club pool that used to be out of T-Mobile range and now I have 2-4 bars depending on which way the wind blows.

    But the data connection still blows. In a different way.

    And yes, I think it would be fair to say this has stretched back to May 3-4.
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    Not just in L.A. I saw bad connections in May in several East Coast locations but improved data speed on the back side of the repairs. Used to get 24-36 kps with my Treo 600, saw Treo 650 moved to 65-85 kps 6 months ago then towards the end of May I began to see 115-122 kps.
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    This tower upgrade theory might be the answer.

    Previously I had rather dodgy data service at home despite a 4-bar signal strength indicator.

    Tonight data be poppin' but of course it is almost 1 am and everything is better late at night. Last week, however, late night Treo efforts were really pathetic.

    Couple this newfound data love with good data and voice strength further up the hill from me (I live up against the Mighty San Gabriel Mountains) and maybe T-Mobile's elves have been busy around here.

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