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    "T-Mobile UK has taken against Skype and other VoIP applications - at least as far as its new Web 'n' Walk Professional mobile internet access airtime package goes. According to the company's service terms and conditions, it's none too keen on instant messaging either.

    A quick read of the carrier's Web 'n' Walk Professional webpage reveals that "use of Voice over Internet Protocol and Messaging over Internet Protocol [over the service] is prohibited by T-Mobile. If use of either or both of these services is detected, T-Mobile may terminate all contracts with the customer and disconnect any SIM cards and/or Web n Walk cards from the T-Mobile network".
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    "T-Mobile UK believes VoIP isn't sufficiently consistent or capable of providing calls of a high enough quality calls to be allowed into its mobile phone network, the carrier said to day in response to revelations it has effectively banned the technology from its latest data-oriented airtime package.

    However, the company did say it is considering allowing the use of instant messaging on its network "later in the year". For now, though, IM is likewise off-limits to the company's customers."
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    Thats such bull. I'm going to see about setting up a VPN tunnel to my home machine and get around this nonsense. Its good to know I will have a good way of ending my contract early if I wish to.


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