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    If your collecting rollover minutes thinking you'll get a lower plan later to use them up , watch out ! cingular has a new trick ! You can only use the amount of your roll over minutes equal to the monthly $ amount of the plan you change to . The remainder minutes will be lost ! I had 7400 minutes stored up
    and it took me 30 minutes of holding to my guns to be able to use them . Good luck !
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    I considered dropping from 850 to 450 minutes but the new plan proce for 450 was exactly the same as my old 850 so ..... like duh ... I kept the 850...weird how they bill tho....

    1st they deduct rollovers > 12 months old
    then they deduct this months minutes from my rollover
    then they add 850 minutes for May 2006
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    They changed that around about a year ago.

    You can thank the people who were taking advantage of Cingular. Folks would sign up for a high minute plan, bank a few thousand rollover minutes for a couple months, then drop to a cheap plan and use the minutes. Canít say I blame Cingular for closing the loophole.
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    Well that's better than losing your rollover completely. When AT&T had rollover, you completely lost your rollover balance when you change plans. You had to re-start at 0 min. I personally don't think Cingular's pro-rating of your rollover balance when you lower your plan is wrong. Not that I feel that company deserves any defending, but in this case it sounds fair to me. That's must my opinion.
    Either way I agree that people should be aware of this in case they're thinking of doing it.

    I've got a $60 family talk plan and have a gazillion minutes rolled over. I'd lower my plan but I'm already on the lowest plan.
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    I bet they did that because of people that would start out on really high minute plans, rack up the Rollover and then change to a lower plan.

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    Another good tip is don't change your plan in the middle of a billing cycle if you depend on rollover minutes. I did this once and got a $500 bill even though I had around 7000 rollover minutes.

    They said that rollover minutes only apply to a full month. Since I changed my plan mid-month, the rollover minutes did not apply and I went way over my base package. The rep that changed my account never told me this and several calls finally got it corrected.

    If you want to change your plan, make sure it goes into effect during the next billing cycle rather than immediately.
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