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    Was just talking to a Cingular CSR and made the remark that...

    "you guys shouldn't penalize us for being existing customers, giving new customers huge rebates where existing customers get squat when they wanna upgrade to a new phone."
    Was surprised to hear that you can add or upgrade to a Cingular 650 on your existing account for $129 assuming, of course, your contract is up and you have thereby "paid off" the big rebate ya got when ya bought ya last phone.

    If anyone interested, and wants t take advantage, I was told this by James @ 800 342-3211 x6889
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    The way I got over on Cingular is by telling them my phone was dropped in a sink full of water and I needed a new phone, but didnt want the same phone. I got a new 650 including all my rebates.
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    But $129 is extremely low I think.....I am trying to remember what shop last told me as a new customer....think it was $150.

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