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    so i was talkin to a Cingular tech guy a few weeks ago, and he was telling me that they are about to start using (or recently started) using this thing called UMTS for their data which is supposed to be the fastest data transfer method out of all the carriers in the States.

    he also went on to say that when their Treo 700 comes out, it will utilize UMTS and you'll be able to stream video while having a voice call at the same time, which most methods are not capable of doing both at the same time.

    so, what's the hype guys?
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    The 700, 3G phone? No wonder it is all taking so long...
    Game over!
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    I think Cingular will be introducing 3G to selected areas of the country pretty soon.
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    Cingular has deployed BroadbandConnect (HSDPA) in the following major markets already.
    California—San Diego
    California—San Francisco and San Jose
    District of Columbia and Baltimore
    Nevada—Las Vegas
    Utah—Salt Lake City
    Washington—Seattle and Tacoma

    I think they have deployed UMTS nationwide. They only have two phones that support UMTS and the laptop modem cards support HSDPA.

    EDGE: 70-130
    UTMS: 220-320
    HSDPA: 400-700
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    CNG is rolling out 12-15 MMA (major market areas) per month. Last independently published list I saw said 51 MMA's as of March 1st. When the 700w was released on verizon in January , same source listed 60 MMA's for Verizon.

    Note that what carriers claim to have and what is out there is very different. To a carrier, if it has 1 tower upgraded in Timbuktu at teh airport, then Timbuktu is on their coverage map.

    I expect you will see a roundup similar to this by third quarter.,1759,1771797,00.asp

    This link will explain all the mumbo jumbo to you.
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    I wonder if the new 3g network will still give that enjoyable radio interference with every speaker in a 10 foot radius?
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