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    I've switched from Sprint to Cingular.

    Now people I'm calling complain that my calls cut in and out, and that they can only hear every 2nd word. It has happened when the phone shows 4 bars, when I'm in NJ, New York, and New Orleans. It seems to happen more often when I'm using the speaker, although not only then. Meanwhile, I can hear them perfectly.

    Any one know if this is a network issue or a handset issue? Any ideas how to fix it?

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    Sounds like a hardware issue. I use a CNG 650 and never experienced that in tristate area.
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    I am in NJ, I have the exact problem you described. Phone cutting in and out depending on location (even while I am not moving.)

    Same with another phone, so I suspect rather then a hardware problem, it is just cell tower being sparse.
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    I'm in NJ as well, and have the same troubles. I called the CS rep and he informed me that the tower located in my zip code is down for repairs and they don't know when it will be back up..... Said it's been down for a while now.
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    Hopefully they doing HSDPA upgrade
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    "...that the tower located in my zip code is down for repairs..."
    Hahaha, wanna buy a bridge?

    I like the world to go back to "charged roaming" instead of today's "free roaming" made possible by prevent you from roaming to another tower with better signal.

    Or, Cingular (AT&T) and T-MO jump back in bed together and allow mutual roaming. They had such an agreement in the NJ/NY area and California until mid last year when Cingular brought AT&T. The extra towers Cingular got from AT&T probably made them think they don't need TMO anymore; but boy, are they wrong.

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