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    I gave up my Treo and went to the Blackberry in some misguided venture. My wife has my old Treo 650 and I got a new one today.

    I called T-Mobile and asked for the old data plan back. Got a completely cool CSR on the line -- Frankie (thanks, guy). Has a Treo and a Blackberry. So he Knows.

    I specified exactly what I wanted and at first the story was that it was impossible to go back to the grandfathered data plan. I then said that I would have to consider the C-word (Cingular, for you gutter-minded people who were thinking something else) because I knew that Medianet unlimited at $20/month would work just fine for the Treo.

    After a minute on hold he came back and said he could give me the old plan back.

    Not only that, he ADDED the old grandfathered internet data plan to my wife's Treo. She had never had data on her line before, so I think that counts as new service.

    Moral of the story: be nice, be lucky, and good things can happen.

    I have been a T-Mobile customer since 2003 and am now out of contract. Maybe that helped?

    I am sooooooooo happy. Yeah, Frankie, and Yeah T-Mobile!
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    They got real shook when you said cingular huh!
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    Why not just get T-zones (or whatever its' called now) and use a proxy? My wife and I have full internet access for 5.99 each!
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    I went through the cancellation department to get the old VPN Internet package added to my account. Why not use the T-Zones thing? Because every other weekend the proxy setting would get foobared. Suddenly in the middle of Sunday afternoon the only thing that would work was email. Duh, proxy setting. And heaven forbid you can find a CSR that understands the issue. There was no way I was going to put up with that or the $30 Internet/Hot Spot plan. I already spend $43 for Comcast. Like I'm gonna spend $30 for slow EDGE speeds..

    Anyways, thirty minutes with the cancellation plan and I'm back on the EDGE internet plan on my Treo. No flaky proxy needed. I was a member since the Voicestream days an NO ONE would hook me up with the old plan. It's unbelievable that the only way I could get it is to cancel..
    Unlocked Treo 650 (Nov 05) BTW: T-Zones sux!
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    It's too bad you both had to almost cancel T-Mobile to get some decent customer service.
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    I completely understand not wanting to spend $30 for T-Mobile's speed on data and it's cool you got it back, but you can't really complain that it's T-Mobile's fault for not readily giving you a plan that they no longer offer.
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    T-Mobile is perfectly entitled to take a product (the $19.99/mo data plan) off the shelf at the store. I am just tickled that I got a store clerk who took the time to say 'Let me take a look in the back and see if we have any of those left.'

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