I recently got a treo a few months ago through cingular and every so often people that call me complain of a loud strange noise right before i answer their call. I have tested this as well and its kind of a screetchy nosie prett much right when i press the talk button. I also experience quite "pops" every so often when i am on the phone. I am on my second phone and second sim card and the same problem still exists. The cingular guy tried telling me that it sometimes happens with new equipment for a little while. i have had cingular for two years in my area with about 8 different phones and the treo is the only one that is doing this. Another strange thing is sometimes as soon as i press the button to answer a call people are already saying hello before i can even get it up to my ear. Has anyone else experienced this? I have a hard time beleiving i got two defective phones that do the exact same thing, could it be a service issue? Thanks for the help