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    I asked this as part of another thread, but I don't think most people will read that one. I'm on T-Mobile and I travel to an area where it has no signal. However, I can search for a network and see Cingular but can't connect to it. I'd like to try Cingular for a month--is it possible to get a Cingular SIM card to put in my 650 for one month?
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    get a pre-paid card from cingular.
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    Emen8, you can test Cingular for a month (30 days) and if that doesn't work for you, cancel.

    Having try sim-switching on a day to day basis for a while, I suggest you do try. It is a pain which I finally gave up on.

    The problem is as you travel to/from Cingular area to T-Mo area or the reverse. While you can set call forwarding for either carrier, Text message doesn't forward, missed calls, and voice mail notification doesn't forward. So while you just got to a say T-Mo area, but if you forgot to forward Cingular to T-Mo before you lost Cingular signal, you have to make a U-Turn to get back the signal before you can set call forwarding.

    Setting it to forward whenever no service/no signal brings in its own set of issues.

    It is a pain.

    I wish, T-Mo and/or Cingular sell a "tower connection" service. Be on my competition's plan, but for $20 (or whatever) and you can get on my tower whenever you want while using the other sim and the other number.

    If Cingular sells a get on their tower plan, I would gladly buy that service so my T-Mo sim works on their tower (or vice versa.)
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    RickLaw, your last suggestion would be ideal for me, too. If only it existed. I want to see if I can switch over totally to Cingular. Too bad their data plan costs more .

    Thanks, all, for the suggestions.
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