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    Hello everyone,

    I bought a cingular branded Treo that was flashed by the seller (99.9% positive feedback) with a unlocked firmware about 7 months ago. I have been using it fine the past 7 months and also succesfully did firmware updates on it from palm's website for the unlocked gsm versions. I have been using it with a T-Mobile sim (in los angeles).

    Yesterday as I was downloading email the Treo froze and then rebooted. Once it came back up I got the "Locked: You cannot use this Sim card" error message. I was pretty shocked and thought maybe its an error or a I removed the battery and rebooted again and same error message.

    I then did a factory reset (reset button, power button and the up key) and tried it then and still the same.

    When I do a phone info I get the following:

    Firmware: 01.71
    Software: Treo 650-1.20-ENA
    Hardware: A
    CC-Cap: ENA-ENA-001
    Carrier DB: 255

    Any idea what happened and why? Am I now looking at paying $20 or so to get my phone unlocked from ebay? Or is there another way?

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    "Flashing" doesn't unlock anything. The only way to unlock a phone is to get the unlock code from the carrier or a questionable 3rd party source. To my knowledge, phones don't get relocked. I would try a couple of things.

    1. Hard reset so that phone is wiped of all info but ROM.
    2. Try another SIM, maybe yours is fried.

    Also, did the seller give you a copy if the unlock code ?
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    Yea, What Jack Said

    I think some tend to confuse "Unlocked" with "Unbranded"
    Your Cing Phone running ENA, rather than CNG or CNB, is "Unbranded" Like Mine.
    Mine is also "Unlocked" that is; I am not "Locked" to just a Cing Sim.
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    Sounds like a SIM issue to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnteL0pe
    Sounds like a SIM issue to me.

    Gimme the P-Funk!
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    I have had a phone get relocked. I had the unlock code and just entered it and it became unlocked again. The unlock code I believe is held in a token, pretty hard to relock.

    Try to get the unlock code from the seller.
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    Hmm... so "locked" actually refers to the SIM card?

    I bought an unlocked 650 directly from Palm. I transferred my SIM card from a 600 that I had bought previously from T-Mobile. Sometime last week I was doing something in the Treo and I noticed that it said that the phone was locked. Unfortunately I don't know what I did to get that display, but I was rather surprised.

    Is my phone really locked? I had to buy an unlocked phone so it would work with my T-mobile service, or so I thought. It does that - but I suppose if it's really bound to my SIM card that is no surprise as that card was originally purchased from T-mobile. Will I be able to put an Asian SIM card in my phone (I am frequently travelling in China)?
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    i had very few t650's (2 maybe) become relocked... unlocked it again with the unlock code.

    -so yep, it does happen once in every blue moon.

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