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    I have a small cingular phone and my contract has been over for about 8 months now (still involved in it though). I would like to get a TREO and saw a great deal for $99 after rebate, but it states that I must purchase new service. Does this mean I have to terminate my existing contract and I can keep my old number, or I can't get this phone because I am already a cingular user?
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    What kind of Cingular phone is it? I think what they mean is that you must get a new 2 year contract. Since your contract is over, you're probably on a month-to-month type thing now (sort of like an still have to give 30 days notice if you want to move out but they wont charge you out the *** lol.) You should still be able to keep your number....most people do that now. (My parents recently switched from U.S. Cellular to cingular and kept their numbers.)
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    I can't see them possibly making you pay more because you are already a customer. If you're signing up for the 2 year contract that should be your price. Otherwise, tell them you'll just hop onto another service provider since your current contract is up. I think they'll comply.
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    If you do an online deal or a Cingular store, I'd say you have no shot. I'd walk into a all carriers brick and mortar, talk to the owner or a senior level salesman and ask "what can ya do for me". What ya can do is buy the Treo with a new number and then switch SIM's with ya wife, GF or whomever ya wanna give the phone to.
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    this means that you would have to open up a brand new line of service. I understand that your contract has expired and that you're with cingular on a month to month basis.

    Lets say, there's a phone that retails for 300 flat out. As a new cstomer, i get the phone for 150. as an existing customer, i've got two choices:

    1. buy the phone flat out and put my sim card in it.
    2. sign another 1 or 2 year contract and get the phone for a discounted, price, but not the full 150 discount. Most likely, walk with the phone for 200 or 225. you dont have to pick out a new plan or anything, you just resign the contract to extend it.

    they only fully hook you up as a new customer (as an incentive to join). They know that once they've got you, you're not as likely to leave because you're used to the coverage, the services and that you're not gunna take a risk by moving to another company (unless you're unsatisfied).

    i hope that helps.

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