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    Amazon has the Cingular Treo + Blue Tooth headset for $150 after rebate, which seems a great deal.

    However, the small print says that Amazon can not port an existing number to Cingular, and if you get Cingular to do it, you lose your Amazon rebates:

    " Cingular and have not yet established a method for customers to transfer their current number to a new Cingular account. Unfortunately, in order to port your previous number, Cingular will cancel the account that activated and will activate a new account with the ported number. This process makes you ineligible for the rebates. We hope to offer a porting option in the coming months, so please check back."

    This seems pretty iron-clad, but has anyone here bought from Amazon and managed to keep their number?

    Also, is it possible to get an extended warrantee, either from Amazon or from Cingular?

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    Have you tried walking into a brick and mortar all carriers store and seeing what deals they offer ? Mine beat the best on line deal by $25 and witha 1 year contract instead of 2....and they gave me cash off for signing over rebates to them.

    Could you perhaps buy from Amazon, take it home and swap the SIM cards thereby getting your old number back and giving your old SIM to spouse, GF/BF, mom or whatever. That's why my brick and mortar did.
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    If you're not already a current cingular customer, then what you can do is sign up for the phone and cingular service. However, when you sign up, see if you can post activate it for a month or two (while the rebates arrive). as soon as they arrive, call up cingular and have them port the number over from the non-cingular carrier (for example TMO, VZW, Sprint). In the mean time, you can probably get the phone unlocked and use it with your current service, assuming it's a GSM carrier.

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