Hello, I have a doubt yesturday I notice that when my phone signed on to the internet, it didnt say "Signing on MO HISPD MEDIA NET no more. So i went to the menu of the phone( where versamail, and calender is all those icons) and i clicked on Prefs once i was thier under Communications, i clicked on network. Once you are there, you will see

User Name

So what i did was where it says service, there should be three listings Media net,MoHiSp Net and cingular csd

My question is does anybody have it on media net or mohisp net...and is there really a diff in d/l speed.....I think that it doesnt matter which ones its on because they will both operate on cingulars Edge, but i may be wrong, please let me know and take me out of doubt

Thanks, Carlos