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    Is it possible to have a duplicate made of my SIM card so I don't have to keep switching it between phones. Also, then I could use one phone for calls only and my Treo for everything else, of course not at the same time. I know Cingular probably wouldn't do this, but I am just asking if it is possible and if so who or what could do it.
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    I do believe it is possible; I just never did it myself. As for where to get a copier and blank sims, I'd check eBay... they should have it.

    You might still try calling cingular though, maybe they will let you; possibly by billing you as a "family plan" [$9 extra I think] but having both sims on the same number... unless you don't mind having two numbers because you could tell either phone to forward your calls if needed to whichever phone your using; then you can just do that.

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