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    I know there are answers to all of my below questions all over the forums, but there seems to be conflicting advice/information that I thought someone(s) might be able to set straight for me an others in my situation.

    I own a Verizon CDMA 650 - I like it, like the network, don't want to change it for my work here (no flames, please, on VZW)

    I travel to a single location (internationally) for a total of about 2-3 months total out of the year. This country has a CDMA network, but it is 1. expensive for me to use, and 2. I can't use a data network. I have an arrangement with a provider where I can get a SIM card with data network access relatively inexpensively. So...

    I would like to purchase an second 650 that is unlocked and GSM, these are my concerns:

    1. I would like to pay as little as possible (who wouldn't), but want what will suit my needs - is it OK to buy from sellers on Ebay? any bad expereinces?

    2. If I buy a phone that is unlocked, but "branded" will I have trouble upgrading the OS in the future? Is there any point in paying premium for an "unbranded" model.

    3. Are there any factors that I have not considered.

    Thanks, in advance
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    1. I have no personal experience to share about Treo on eBay. Best of Luck.

    2. In general, upgrades to OS shouldn't be a problem. All branded updates (along with the unbranded ones) are at Palm's web. There are plenty in these fora on how to upgrade from branded to unbranded firmware.

    3. Two issues come to mind. First, warranty. Say you buy a Cingular phone. Palm will tell you to go to Cingular and Cingular will say you are not their customer.

    Second, is the matter of keeping two phones in sync. As I understand, hotsync two phones to the same ID may not work as it may overwrite CDMA version with GSM version of some files or vice versa. You may have to beam contacts etc. back and forth which may not be a problem if you switch once or twice a year.

    I hope that helps.
    Prio Treo
    Unlocked Unbranded Treo 650 on T-Mobile-T-Zone
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    Thanks. I ended up getting a good deal on an unbranded phone (brand new). Probably will have trouble enforcing a warranty, but I'll take my chances.

    I'm very glad you pointed out the problem with syncing - as I wouldn't have thought of that. The work around I came up with was to export the address book and calender as archives, and then import into a new profile (for the new phone).
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    You are welcome. Sounds like you got all the things sorted out.
    Prio Treo
    Unlocked Unbranded Treo 650 on T-Mobile-T-Zone

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