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    Ok I have a question, I need to know whats the difference between Cingulars Media net and PDA connect, i have the media net unlimited and i can surf the internet w/o any problem. Cingular always tells me to switch to the PDA connect but thats like $40, they must be drunk or something. So my Friend also has a Treo 650, and he has a PDA connect plan, we did a couple of web surfing test and we both got into the same age we both got thier preety much at the same speed, is thier really a diff besides a ridiculous price?
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    One of the more recent dicussions on this:
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    WHat's the difference between MediaNet and PDANet ?

    1. $20
    2. PDANet has VPN
    3. When the big cheese CSR trainer dude addressed is troops for "Treo Training" he must have explained that the Treo was like a BB. A BB to my understanding requires VPN to log onto the proprietary server. I have inferred that you can have the same set up if you have exchange server. If you wanna know what you need to log onto your server at work, ask your IT dude if you need VPN, if he says no, then don't worry about it. If e or you don't kinow what VPN is, don't worry about it.

    PDAConnect - Unlimited Data Acees w/ VPN
    Media Net - Unlimited Data Access w/o VPN

    Now after I get doen tellin ya all that, before the thread ploiuce arrive, I betta tell ya that of you hit the search button and typed "MediaNet PDA Connect" in a title or term search, you woulda had ya answer without having to wait for my lazy arse to come in an hour later.

    If Cingular CSR;s ever bring up the subject, just say "We Treo users don't need no stinkin' VPN !, that's for BlackBerry's users, let those BB toters suck eggs and pay twice as much" and they will leave you alone .

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