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    I just bought a cingular treo 650 that I had unlocked to use with T-mobile. T-mobile put me on a smart access plan. So I don't have data on my plan yet but when I put my wifes Sim cardfrom her Sidekick(With data Plan) in my treo I still cant get access to the internet. What am I doing wrong?
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    The sidekick data plan is not compatible with your treo 650.
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    ok, what plan do i need to have?
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    Precisely,don't think you can use the sidekick data plan with the Treo . I think you may at least need a T-Mobile Web plan,not necessarily the total internet.What voice plan do you have now ? Maybe you will need to get a cheaper voice plan so you can add a data plan .
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    i have the 39.00 dollar voice plan but I plan to cancel that just for data if possible
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    Maybe you can get a cheaper plan and add T-Mobile Web to it-I am not familiar with the smart access restrictions.As far as I know,the data add ons do not include text messaging.

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    SPRINT here I come

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