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Here's one more reason to love the weekend and T-Mobile.

It's your chance to surf the web, check your e-mail, download music, share pictures and more from your Wi-Fi enabled laptop, PDA, or cell phone. All at blazing fast wireless broadband speeds, from thousands of convenient T-Mobile HotSpot locations around the country, for FREE. Promotion ends May 29, 2006.
It's easy:

Step 1
Go to any of our 6,500 T-Mobile HotSpot locations on the weekend and launch your Web browser.

Step 2
Visit http://freeweekends.hotspot.t-mobile.com and enter your T-Mobile phone number.

Step 3
Within moments you'll receive a free text message on your T-Mobile Phone with a pass code. Enter the pass code and you'll be surfing for free!

It's all part of T-Mobile's commitment to help you Get More From LifeŠ.

See what we have to offer, and have some fun while you're at it.

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