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    Since most people post problems and complaints in online fora, I thought I'd post a positive experience. I had heard so many awful things about Cingular's customer service that I tried both Verizon and Sprint before going to Cingular as a last resort. (CDMA doesn't quite reach my office; GSM does.) I'm pleased to be able to report that, whatever problems Cingular's customer service may have had in the past, they've fixed them. Here's what happened:

    It took a few days with my new Treo to realize that I hadn't received any calls. I quickly discovered that somebody else owned the phone number that the store assigned to me. I called Cingular ready to read them the riot act. A very nice motherly-sounding person answered, apologized profusely, and promised to stay on the line with me until they could make it right. An equally pleasant and apologetic engineer gave me a more memorable number and checked to make sure it worked. Then both apologized again, asked if there was anything else they could do, and wished me a good evening.

    Goofs have a ripple effect, however, and one of those ripples hit my bill. So I called, ready to escalate into high dudgeon, and asked why I was being charged for service on the unusable number that some Sprint customer owned. And while I was on the line, I wanted to change my caller ID name, and drop a couple "free trial" features. Again, the representative was professional, polite, sympathetic, apologetic, took responsibility for all of my issues, and resolved each expeditiously.

    Mitsakes happen. The measure of a company isn't that they never make mistakes, it's how well they handle them. In my case, Cingular's personable and professional service has given me a very positive impression of the company as a whole, and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

    Have I mentioned that the Treo 650 is the neatest thing since sliced raisin bread?
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    I, too, have had positive results when contacting Cingular and the signal is strong, at least in most of central Florida. Like you, I'm quite pleased with the 650 and with Cingular. Thanks for posting something positive.
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    I concur. I've dealt with Cingular through 4 Treo replacements, as well as through some account changes. Nothing but positive, professional treatment. Not to say that they didn't screw up, but their Customer Service was very easy to deal with as well as responsive.
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    Same here...a HUGE improvement from my Sprint days.

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    Wow 4 positive feedbacks in a row...must be a record of something. I'm gonna add a 5th...I was going to mexico about two weeks ago and had questions about rates and plans etc. When I called up the rep walked me through the options and gave me EXACT details on what I would be spending. He even credited my account $10 for the time I wouldn't be using my PDA Connect plan through Cingular in the states!!!! I have to say that over the last year I have been VERY impressed the the company's CS.
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    ive had good experiences and bad experiences in the last 5 years with them, but mostly good.
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    Nothing but good experiences. I switched from Sprint because of their horrible customer service and was really looking hard at how Cingular CS reponded. I've had billing problems that have always been immediately fixed.

    Overall one of the best CS companies I have delt with over the past few years.
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    I just had a great experience with them. They were quick, to the point, and very effiction. 10 out of 10 for cingular. Glad I stuck with them all these years. (wish i could say the same of other companies customer service...)
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    I can echo all of the above and am very happy with the CSR's...sometimes frustrated at their computers and some CSR's screens just wouldn't let them fix what we were trying to fix but eventually we got teh job done. Just before reading this I called and I think the "dude" guy from the Dell commercials has a new job.

    As I was considering dropping some land lines from my SOHO, been looking at antenna / repeater kits. One thing ya need to know is whetehr your local tower....that is the specific one serving your building is broadcasting on 850 or 1900 frequency. I had to do soem explaining as he didn't quite know what I was talking about. And then, without asking me where I was he answered that "my tower was broacasting both". I assured him that this was extremely unlikely and that teh different ferquencies resulted from the amalgamation of various regional companies but he was insistent that all cingular towers broadcast both frequencies. I'll try the CSR roulette again tomorrow.

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