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    T-Mobile is becoming increasingly Treo hostile.. Twice since they released the MDA my T-Zones connection has gone "wonky".. Basically it is like the proxy server has died.. Email works.. I enter a proxy setting and then the web works.. When I call in they refuse to admit anything is wrong.. Then they push the old "The Treo 650 is not supported on T-Mobile's network. You may use it, but it is not supported." line.. They refuse to admit any problems andd will bump you from support que to support que.. Or just blatantly hang up on you.. They also removed the Treo data plans.. Now you have to get a Windows device plan.. $30 for data and wifi.. Like you can even use Wifi with a Treo without that stupid sled thing.. I sstill find it funny that T-Mobile is the only "major" carrier not to have and support the Treo 650.. Loosers..
    Unlocked Treo 650 (Nov 05) BTW: T-Zones sux!
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    Somehow I get the feeling they deliberately cut some users off. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but now that data is $30, I think they want to force everyone to pay it.
    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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    This may not be the place for this response, but for me its driven by similar considerations. I am a GSM 650 owner and really like it. I have it on T-Mobile VPN $19.99/mo. plan. My firm is considering moving all of our accounts to Verizon, but I periodically travel internationally. I am actually looking forward to the ability to use the Verizon version of the Palm OS 650, or switching to the Windows Mobile Treo while keeping my number and the Verizon service network. So here's my question..If I get a new CDMA Palm OS Treo 650, will I be able to keep my VZW version synchronized and then when I travel abroad put the T-Mo 650 in and synchronze it before I leave the country? If I switch to the Windows Mobile version, can I still sync the Contacts and Calendar to synch to the Palm OS 650?
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    I'm facing the same decision as davidk6235. I have an MDA but I am returning it this week. (Reason: I bought it for the OTA sync to Outlook and for the push email. Push ain't gonna REALLY be here nicely until AKU 2.0 is available, so why not wait until then and get a unit ready to rip?). (Reason: I like the form factor of the Treo better than the slide-out keyboard, and I'm hoping that something will come out soon for GSM to my liking, or I will switch to the 700W on CDMA).

    Which leads to the dilemma: jump to CDMA and make my traveling life difficult?

    One of the solutions I heard about (from a Sprint Treo 650 user) was to forward the Sprint phone number to Skype in, go to Europe (let's say) and get a prepaid SIM and a junky phone, and do Skype out to that phone number. Seamless for someone calling you from the U.S. Use Skype to call back to the U.S.

    Which is all very wonderful and geeky and clever and all that stuff. But when I get off the airplane I just want to turn on my Treo, acquire a signal, and go.

    Hence the dilemma. C'mon GSM Treo 700W. Or Moto Q. Or something.
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    I can't comment on T mobile, but I was a Verizon customer since they were Bell Atlantic. I had a bag phone (remember those?) for a couple of years before I went to a Nokia 101 & lost 20 pounds ;D.

    I bailed on Verizon last year because I kept having this problem where I was getting dropped calls all the time, and voice messages would sometimes get delivered 3-4 days after they were left. They blamed my phone, updated the firmware in it twice, repalced it once, then finally admitted that their VM system is buggy and "don't expect it to change".

    So that combined with the fact that I travel internationally now & then caused me to switch to Cingular. I had issues with my phone when I first tried to use it in Belgium, which turned out to be a problem with their partner carrier there (and they don't have 24 hours customer support in BE!) but it got straightened out within 24 hours. So no problems so far, and pretty good support.

    Here's the best part about GSM: If my Treo goes o na bender I can swap my SIM to my old Moto V400 and I'm still connected while I wait for whatever to get fixed or replaced.

    Can't do that with CDMA.

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