I have a friend who just replaced a tmobile standard issue phone with a Treo 600 (good upgrade) and liked it so much bought one for their spouse. They were purchased on ebay from a provider dumping old stock.

Problem is that both Tmo accounts have t-zones enabled and only the spouse's treo can connect to t-zones. My friend's SIM card works in the spouse's treo also when attempting to connect...just seems to be a problem on my friends treo. Voice and SMS seems to work fine...just a problem when trying to connect to teh network with email being the goal. Any ideas?

Friend treo is firmware: treo600-1.12-INT
Spouse's treo is treo600-???-ROW

I happen to be doing this successfully on Tmo with a Treo 600 (treo600-1.16-CNG)