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    called friday cuz a few buttons on my 650 weren't responding like they used to(owned the 650 since may 05 no problems) received my warranty replacement today.
    just like new. very happy with it and very happy with the service I got.

    (and now when I sell it off when I get my 8125, I can advertise it as ''like new'' )
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    I have a story to tell, but I will update when I have finalized the issue. It has to do with this topic..
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    I heard someone on Treocentral or hofo say that is you sent it to palm they would replace it with a new phone. This would obviously leave you without any treo and just a simm for another phone.

    My point is that I recieved a warranty replacement from Cingular that had hair under the protective screen cover and finger prints on it. Sh*tty!
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