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    Driving north on I-5 into the San Joaquin Valley I had real problems with data coverage. T-mobile. Four bars, little green arrows but no connectivity for web or email. basically from Buttonwillow to somewhere above 152.

    Anyone else experience that problem?
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    Might be an area that T-Mo contracts for roaming; often no data service with T-Mo roaming on "foreign" carriers.
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    The roaming thing might be the answer.

    I'm now in South Lake Tahoe for a ski vacation. Intermittent inability to connect to GPRS. Called T-mo to confirm no outages. They said if you have cell service you should have GPRS.

    Take out battery. Start. Hey presto we have little green arrows. I must have native T-mobile here.

    I had the same connection difficulties in Geneva 2 weeks ago, roaming on Swisscom and Orange CH. No probs elsewhere is Switzerland.

    I was kinda worried that it was my Treo. I'd rather blame the carrier!
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    I had no problems using my Treo in Spain and Italy last year, for both phone and data. So far, I have not run into any areas with phone service but no data. But T-Mo's web site has an entry that warns about the possibility when roaming.
    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad
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    Same issue here in Atlanta, on the Tmo network, data connectivity has been intermittent a few times over the past 3-4 weeks...Tmo said during one of the issues that their network was down, I'm hoping it's all on their side.

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