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    I purchased a new unlocked TREO650 and have the Cingular "unlimited internet" service for like 40 bucks a month... I did not sign a contract for the phone service because I hardly ever intend to use the phone... I just stuck in a prepaid Cingular sim card. I can get on the internet fine...browse the Web etc...and use Yahoo email...without using the sim card minutes...My question is this:

    Why doesn't Yahoo IM work on this TREO?

    I send a message and I just get "error" reply.

    Yahoo email works just fine though...

    Is Cingular somehow blocking me from using the Yahoo IM so they can entice me into subscribing to their own IM (pay as you go) service?

    I hope not...
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    Are you trying to use Yahoo IM through Blazer?
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    I used with Blazer and it works fine to get messages, as well as mail. I do, however, use Mundu to do most of my YMing.
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    i use Yahoo! with Verichat no problems. never tried it with Blazer
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