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    Quote Originally Posted by jg70124

    Nio it is not , you did not read it right... read the first line in there

    "Price includes required T-Mobile Cellular Phone & Data Service Activation from J&R / Price is $549.99 without activation from J&R"
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    Right, the surprise is not the price - it's that they're offering it on the TMO network, when TMO doesn't offer it directly.
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    Well it's the standard carrier discount thing....usuallya $100 discount and $200 worth of rebates which you can collect after a certain amount of time. You can't order on line thru mail tho, must be retail store pickup.

    To verify call 888-208-8400
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    Hey guys,
    The deal from J&R is real. I ordered one for myself and received it today. If you want it at $299 then you need to register a new account with T-Mobile and activate the data plan, which is now $29.99 and not $19.99 as it used to be.

    The price without activation is $549, but if you already have T-Mobile and you want to renew your existing plan for another year, then J&R will give you $100 discount. So you can get the phone for $449. That is what I did. Just thought I'd let you know.

    Oh and you don't need to pick it up at the store locally. There is no web ordering for it, but you simply call the 800 number provided and order it over the phone.


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