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    Does anyone know how to ftp or do any sort of file transfer between a pc on the internet and the treo 650? FTP requires a second port, and palmvnc doesn't seem to do transfers. Can anyone suggest some way to get stuff from my server?
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    I would highly suggest signing up for Avvenu. It's a service provided for free to Palm Treo users. It requires leaving a system-tray based client running on the host PC, just like PalmVNC does. You then use your Treo's Blazer browser to log into your PC via Avvenu's handheld-friendly web-based interface. It gives you folder level views of any drive you have the host client configured to share. File transfering requires an "e-mail share" of the file, which basically tells your host PC to e-mail you a link to a copy of the file. VERY nifty program, and easy to use.
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