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    I just returned my first 650 on Cingular because of very poor reception at my apartment. I was really hoping that it was the phone and not just Cingular having poor reception in my area, but it wasn't. My friend's RAZR on Cingular works fine in my house... what happens with my Treo is this: The phone call will be OK for a while, then the person I'm speaking with won't be able to hear me and then the call will drop entirely. Surprisingly I have three to four bars in my house and no problems with data whatsoever. I adore the Treo, but if I can't figure out a solution I won't be able to continue with it. The new phone I have already has the 1.17 firmware installed and is hardware revision A.

    Does anyone have any thoughts? Should I just jump ship and be done with it? I have about 12 days left out of my 30. I'm dying here this is the exact same problem I had on Verizon except I moved and got a new phone.

    I've tried to figure out if there is some sort of interference from anything in my house, my laptop is on constantly and I have some music gear. Other than that I'm totally stumped as to why it would be dropping constantly. Weird thing is when I got my very first one it was fine for the first day in my place, then I went on vacation. Now I can't hold a call to save my life.
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    It is most likely the 650 that has poor reception. I have a 600 and my wife has a RAZR. The RAZR is hands down way better in the phone department. Much better reception and much better voice quality. I assume the 650 has similar phone hardware as my 600 so it probably has the same mediocre reception and bad voice quality. If the RAZR had PDA functions, I would have one.
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    If you really want the 650 you may want to consider trying another carrier or sticking to Cingular and getting a cell repeater for your home. I've been pretty happy all around with Cingular. can just wait a few more months for the next Treo and hope the phone part is better.

    One other thought - did you happen to try a wired headset with your 650? For some reason, in spots of low signal, my phone holds the signal better and has better voice quality with the wired headset.
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    If you don't want to deal with the phone problems, can you forward your calls to your home phone (if you have one). I'm not sure how Cingular handles forwarded calls, but I have T-mobile and it's great. I have bad reception at home, so I just forward all my calls to my home's landline. Works great
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    Interesting... What I've read is the Treo's radio is superior to the RAZR's radio. That not withstanding...

    You can try external (passive) antenna or repeaters. Both are known to help to varying degrees. My gut feel is, passive external antenna will do little. Repeater probably will work better.

    Repeaters also come in various strength. Stronger repeater requires large (75') seperation between inside and outside antenna. So, if you stick your external antenna on a tower, and in your house 75' away, you have the inside antenna, that should work pretty good. I forgot the exact rating, I believe 39db and around $400.

    The weaker one (30db) requires only 5' seperation between inside and outside antenna with a metal bulkhead between the two (like a car roof). Trouble is, the weaker signal will not penetrate wall. So, you have to be in line-of-sight to the inside antenna. This one is around $300.

    It looks like they are designed with feedback control. Feedback is outside antenna picking up the signal it broadcast via the inside antenna. If the seperation is not enough, they tune down the power so feedback doesn't occur. So, if you don't have the seperation, the darn thing would not give you the power.

    For me, I have no way of getting 75' seperation, and I like coverage in more then one room. I think I will switch over to TMO. They have better coverage for the areas I frequent.

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