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    Hi there!
    Just bought a refurbished Treo650 from Cingular's web site.
    I signed up for the 1500 minutes anytime plan (in the US for $50/month).
    Cingular has messed up my order several times (long story)

    Anyway, I am considering unlocking my phone (through and switching to Tmobile.
    I asked a person at a generic wireless store and they told me that if I do this, I would not be able to use the data plan on Tmobile.

    1) Is this true?
    2) Can someone please enlighten me on the differences between Cingular's $40/month unlimited data plan vs Cingular's $20/month media net plan vs Tmobile's $20/month unlimited data plan.

    Thank you for your help (I tried doing a search but couldnt get my questions answered)
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    If you unlock it yes you can use T-mobiles unlimited data plan. That is what I am using to post this.
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    Thanks for your reply!
    What about the difference between cingular's media net for $20 vs unlimited data plan for $40

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    Quote Originally Posted by skinnyd
    Thanks for your reply!
    What about the difference between cingular's media net for $20 vs unlimited data plan for $40


    There is a thread on this but to summarize, the only difference performance-wise is the $40 unlimited plan supports VPN. Speed should be the same on both. The reason they have both is the $20 one is for phones and the $40 is for PDAs because naturally the PDAs will use more data. Also, you're not "allowed" to tether (use your GPRS/EDGE to have your laptop connect to internet) with the $20 plan. It still lets you do it, you're just not supposed to do it.

    If you don't need the VPN capability and want to take your chances with the $20 unlimited, go with that. You won't notice a speed difference. The only hitch is the possibility of getting caught - which is probably unlikely unless you use tons of data. You have to add the $20 unlimited plan using your online account management. The Cingular reps won't allow you to add it through them.
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    Coverage is king. Make sure you have TMO coverage for where you want to use the phone.

    I think TMO has significantly better service (less drop calls). If you are in a TMO area, you should be pleased.

    My personal experience: I found Cingular (in NJ) better near major highways - still plenty of drop calls, but with signal. I found TMO have better with in-town coverage (for towns I visited anyhow).

    My car floor is full of verbs, nouns, adjectives, so on. All from the calls being drop by Cingular and I keep talking. The words has no where to go and just pilled up on my car floor. Now I use mostly TMO. While coverage is less, but where it has coverage, it is more reliable.

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