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    Just picked up a used Treo 650. It is a Cingular phone (has cingular graphics) but it will not work with my Cingular SIM card. There is an AT&T wireless card in it and it seems to work with that. The kid at the Cingular store didnt know why... I reset the system and there are no passwords installed. Anyone know how to get this to work with Cingular? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Cingular phones have three different ROM' guess is that each one goes with their different networks. If memory serves, the AT&T network is blue (CNB) and the Cingular network is Orange (CNG). That probably leaves CNA for somebody else they bought

    It would seem you have an AT&T (blue) phone. This phone then has the CNB version of ROM in it. You seem to be trying to put an "orange" (CNG) SIM in a "blue" phone. I searched the web for any info on CNB vs CNG but came up dry so I am just taking a shot in the dark here. I would suggest that you call 1-866-cingular and ask them directly. I would imagine you then can either:

    1. Exchange your SIM for one that works with the phone.
    2. Do a ROM update to switch to the correct phone.
    3. Reply to this message and tell me that Cingular dude thinks that I must be on some really good drugs to suggest any of these options.
    4. Oh yeah...and if it is a lock thing Cingular will generally unlock your phone f your account is in good standing for > 3 months...assuming of course you can prove you "own" the phone.
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    That is an ATT locked phone.

    If I am correct, at the upper left hand corner, there are NO logos (pure blank)

    Only way to work with cingular is to unlock the unit ~$20-$25 online
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    Thanks for the info guys. I will unlock it and see what happens.

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