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    I have no service indoors where I live. The reps at T-mobile keep sending me through network selection but once I choose Cingular I get "Unable to register with the selected network." They're not sure what's going on, does anyone know how to get this working?
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    The roaming agreement between Cingular and Tmo is a very carefully thought out agreement. Cingular does not have a blanket agreement with Tmo that they can roam onto all of their towers. Again, it is very strategically thought out by the Cingular higher ups I'm sure. The last thing they want is for Tmo customers to have better coverage than their own customers. If you think about it, it makes sense. A Tmo customer loses signal on their phone and they should be allowed to roam onto any Cingular tower and magically have signal? No way would Cingular let that happen. There probably is no roaming agreement with Cingular in your area or at least where your house is.

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    T-Mobile@Home should be launching fairly soon (Spring06).. It's like having a minitower inside your house.. Just be patient a little longer..
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    I would think Cingular would allow it if they got a high roaming fee. In fact, if both companies pooled their towers and made a blanket roaming agreement it would work for both companies. That is, unless one has significantly better coverage than the other.

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