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    hey guys and gals. I'm getting ready to pick up an unlocked treo 650 to replace my sidekick 2 which i can't stand anymore.

    I'm aware that i have to switch from the 20 dollar unlimited data to the 19.99 plan for internet to get the internet on the treo to work as well as the 4.99 text messaging stuff.

    NOW, my question is this.. will my email address work with the treo? Will i get emails from this account when people send me stuff like my wife?

    will i get pictures from other sidekick users if they send them to my account? how can i get it to work or am i basically screwed?

    Also, does the treo 650 come with AIM or do i have to download it? If i do where do i do that and how much does it cost? thank you
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    I am assuming you have T-mobile. At least for me mine has that function but it is, not Hope that helps.
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    when i bought my sidekick around 5 months ago they set me up with a account.. not a account.

    will the account work with the treo 650?
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    Your sidekick email address might disappear once you leave the sidekick data plan. You should contact a rep and ask.
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    I can tell you for sure that your tmail addy will be lost once you end your sidekick plan. You'll get an, which will charge you $.25 to send a pic or a sound.
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