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    I would like to know if, and whether I should use the Cingular version of the PalmOne Treo upgrade on my unlocked GSM phone? I am currently up to date with the update for the unlocked GSM phone version, but since I'm using the Cingular network, will I see any improvement in feature usage, stability, etc.?
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    I just did the opposite: went from Cingular firmware to ROW. The only difference I see so far (just did it yesterday) is that the screen does not turn off during a call.
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    "...will I see any improvement in feature usage, stability?..."

    Doubtful. From all I read here, you may find the opposite.
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    I'd also like to know if this is possible, since I want the latest bluetooth car kit features that the new Cingular release has. I have 1.13-ROW and my 650 won't work with my Parrot 3200 bluetooth car kit (keeps disconnecting). Someone with 1.17-CNG said it worked with the Parrot.

    Unless of course there is another ROW about to be released very soon?

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