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    Within the past month I have noticed some issues with my cingular phones. I have 4 of them on my line. Calls have been going directly to voice mail with no notification that I have called them. I try to call someone on cingular and I have to hang up and try again to see if it will ring. Some voice mails are not even being saved. Has anyone else been having these issues? In Orlando? Anywhere else?

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    My CNB in Houston north had similar prob. I suspect it has to do w Network select.
    CNG ATTWS Treo650
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    Any known fix?
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    Same thing here southwest of Houston. BTW-my husband has a Motorola on Cingular and has had similar issues-maybe it's the system rather than the Treo.
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    Cingular support suggested use the ATT tower for CNB.
    CNG ATTWS Treo650
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    I do not think it's the phone at all. My parents have sony phones and their issues are 100 times worse than mine. Something major is going on and no one at Cingular seems to be addressing the issue. I am having 3 phones replaces to alleviate the issue but I know it isn't going to change anything. But I'll get a phone that doesn't have any scratches.

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    On the other hand, I live right outside of Orlando, have a 650 that normally stays on the ATT towers, and I have no such problems. Strange.
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    Getting this problem across Texas, unusually I appear to be getting my incoming calls but calling some of my colleagues sends me straight to their VM - not even a ring... hopefully it will clear soon.
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    I have been hoping it clears for the last month. The best we can do is keep complaining and hope that someone gets a technichian on the issue.

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