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    Hi all

    I have an unlocked GSM Treo 650 with T-mobile service. I just signed up for the $5.99 T-MobileWeb service. I still have the T-Zones network connection in my Preferences, so I'm using that to connect (since there's no T-MoWeb option there). After setting my web proxy to, Blazer works pretty well, but I just cannot get Versamail set up with ANY POP mail account.

    I've tried my two personal POP accounts, and a GMail account, and each time I try to connect, I get a long "Connecting to Mail Server" delay, and then the message:

    "Unable to connect to (or whatever server I've specified). Please verify your server name entry."

    I've tried every combination of authentication, and it really does seem to be an inability to connect through my T-MobileWeb service.

    Any ideas?


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    I'm going to reply to my own post and confirm that no other internet services work on the T-MobileWeb plan - just the web. And that seems to give you a mixture of WAP and true HTTP delivery, depending on how the individual sites are set up for mobile devices. Of course, you can check your mail through the web, but it's a PITA to navigate.

    Seems that you need T-MobileInternet to get other internet services, such as mail, chat, etc. So I just signed up for that. Works OK, except that I get an error in Versamail:

    500 Unknown Command :STARTTLS

    seems to be as the app is contacting the SMTP server (which is pointing to T-Mobile's SMTP mail address). Anyone ever had this?

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    Looks like T-Mobile's SMTP server doesn't use SSL; edit your settings for outgoing mail so that STARTTLS isn't used.
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    Mail works fine. I have been using it all along with Comcast's mail settings. Sure FTP, SSH, AIM and Kmaps don't work. Web and mail work fine (and Edge works).
    Unlocked Treo 650 (Nov 05) BTW: T-Zones sux!

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