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    So Cingular just mailed me a new sim .. They still think I have a Nokia .. kindof forgot to tell them about the 650

    Will this sim work fine in the 650 .. should I switch back to the Nokia before calling to activate it?
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    I got a new Cingular 64k SIM last week also. Any reason to activate it if both my 650 and my Nokia are working just fine with the old SIM? (I switch back and forth between the 2 phones all the time...)

    Has anyone had any problems activating the new Cingular SIM?
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    I have had the new SIM for a few weeks now and its been fine. No changes that I've noticed.
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    There is no "special" SIM card for the Treo. The 64K SIM will work fine.

    The new 64k SIM is supposed to allow you to have better integration between Cingular and AT&T towers. Haven't heard anything about it changing reception.
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    Yeah, it's supposed to make the integration better. But it's made my reception really weird at my house. I have an antenna 200 ft from my house and I've seen my signal go from full, to 1 bar,back to full with the new sim. My old sim would keep full bar at all times at home
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    This is all news to me. I have not received any new 64K SIM from Cingular. Palm sent me a new SIM tray, claiming the old one could have some potential problems.

    Do you have to call Cingular to get the new SIM, or should they send it out automatically?
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    I'd guess they are staging sending them; no new SIM here yet either.
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    Hey, those of you with the new sim, if it says "3G" on the back can you see if network select is available in the phone app? Without the fixed overlay, etc.. According to some it should be!
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    not on mine. unbranded treo
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    Newer Cingular customers might already have one of the new 64k SIMs. The old SIM I was using came with a Nokia that was purchased several years ago from a Cingular store. Maybe that's why only some people are receiving a new SIM?
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    I bought my Treo 650 from Cingular in February 2005, when they were first released. I guess I will just keep waiting to see if I get a 64K sim. No big hurry. I've loved my T650 since the day I got it.
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    I don't think it has anything to do with newer or older customers. It is based on what location you are in. In NYC we needed the 64k SIM to help us get on the ATT towers. We were also roaming on T-mobile for a while.

    Eventually everyone will have to upgrade their SIM. Including those with the 64k SIM. Newer SIM's are required for the 3G handsets.

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